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We’ve all heard the saying, “I can’t function until I’ve had my coffee.” Whether or not that’s true for you, coffee is often one of the first things many of us think about in the morning. Some home-brewed beans will certainly do, but when you’re dealing with something as integral to your day as coffee, you want to make sure it’s done right. That’s why we created this list. 
We searched all through the US and Canada to find the best spots to sip on a cup of coffee, whether you prefer yours hot, iced, black, sweet, creamy, or even blended. Some coffee shops, like #1-ranked Yaw Farm Coffee Roasters in Las Vegas, Nevada, are best known for roasting their own beans in-house. Others, like Cafe Makario in Everett, Washington (#2), are all about the Instagram-worthy latte art, and one-of-a-kind flavor offerings.
Whether it’s a quick cup of Joe to-go from Frenchy’s Food Truck in Brooklyn, New York (#13); hand-shaken iced lattes at the innovative VigiLatte Artisan Coffee in Lahiana, Hawaii (#15); or flavors from around the world at the family-run Red Bud Cafe in Daytona Beach, Florida (#14), there’s something on this list for everyone. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite local coffee shop.
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How we did it: This is an all-time list of the Top Coffee Shops in the US, according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the coffee shop category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews.
When it comes to coffee, nothing beats freshly roasted beans. Las Vegas locals have lots of love for not only the coffee at Yaw Farm Coffee Roaster, but also the owner, who goes by “Roaster Ian.” Ian says he got into the coffee business because he “fell in love with roast’n em beans,” and his passion for what he does is evident to his customers each and every day. Don’t let the small drink menu dissuade you: Yelpers agree you’ll be more than happy to sip on a hot or iced “Yawtte,” served with oat milk and your choice of syrups. Yaw Farm is also beloved for its commitment to the environment, as their coffee is served in 100% compostable and biodegradable cups.
What they’re known for: Specialty coffee beans sourced from small farms, roasted in-house, and brewed using only pure mountain spring water.
Yelpers say: “Ian has cracked the code on serving up smiles and the best assorted coffees. No matter how busy he gets being the only person working, he still manages to make everyone that walks in feel like an old friend. His delicious drinks keep us happily caffeinated, but it’s his commitment to superior service that has won us over.” —Alexa M.
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Coffee lovers will feel right at home inside this mom-and-pop-shop in the Puget Sound region of Washington. “Makario” means “blessed” in Greek, and the couple that owns this neighborhood destination wants to share their happiness with their customers, in the form of delicious coffee drinks. They specialize in Dutch coffee, which they cold brew for up to 12 hours, to truly lock in the beans’ flavor. Cafe Makario also offers a limited brunch food menu, including house-made waffles topped with fresh fruit.
What they’re known for: Unforgettable latte art, and unique coffee flavor additions like “Black Sesame” and “Berry Berry.”
Yelpers say: “Everett’s best cafe for specialty coffee! Delicious and strong coffee with each cup handmade with love and care! You can really taste the quality and effort they put into it. I loved the wide variety of options on their menu, and they even have some never before seen items that you can find anywhere else. You definitely won’t regret grabbing coffee here!” —Terisa D.
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If your daily coffee habits are starting to feel a bit like “Deja Brew,” change up your daily grind with a visit to this Portland staple in the Pearl District. Ovation is all about innovation – serving coffee drinks crafted with warm, Moroccan spices, and your choice of different flavors of whipped cream. Ovation is a family-run business that started back in 2013, with four locations across the Portland area.
What they’re known for: Hand-crafted espresso drinks, inspired by authentic Moroccan flavors and spices.
Yelpers say: “The cup of coffee I got at Ovation the other day was probably one of the finest beverages I’ve ever had. On the recommendation of a barista, I ordered the Moroccan Pistachio Latte. The flavors were subtle and delicious, the frothing on the milk a work of perfection. The folks working here are not only experts in the art of coffee making but so friendly and helpful as well. Go to Ovation – and get me a cup while you’re there!” —Davy C.
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Sip and stay for a while at the lovely Cafe Sapientia. This Oak Park coffee shop offers a simple beverage menu, with a focus on brewing high quality beans. Menu favorites include the “Gibraltar,” which is made with equal parts espresso and steamed milk, and also known as a “Cortado.” This local gem also serves authentic Korean “Snow Creme,” made with a creamy milk base, and dressed up with flavors like Oreo, strawberry, mango, and matcha. 
What they’re known for: Single-origin based coffee, specialty teas, and Korean shaved ice.
Yelpers say: “Really cute coffee shop nested in Oak Park! The staff were super friendly and very efficient. I just got an Oat milk latte, but it was delicious. Just what I needed to start my morning. I really like that they have simple syrup on the side so that you can add it into your own coffee if you’d like.” —Serena C.
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If you’re passionate about coffee with a cause, you’ll adore the Pangolin Café. This coffee shop is named after a scaly, anteater-like animal, which is known by conservationists as the most trafficked mammal in the world. When you’re sipping a Pangolin Chai Latte at this Reno coffee shop, part of your purchase is donated to help save the pangolin species. Yelpers also rave about the Cubano Breve, and love that each order includes a complimentary serving of Turkish Delight.
What they’re known for: The Iced Honey Lavender Latte is a fan favorite drink, even if these aren’t typically your go-to flavors.
Yelpers say: “Seriously, there is nothing better than a good cup of coffee with good friends. Cute cozy little place, great friendly batistas. Shots are being pulled the right way! Latte art is on point! Tried the pistachio and the cubano this morning and I highly recommend. Strong and delicious! We can’t wait to come back!” —Kelly S.
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Deanna and Geoffrey Martinez have been roasting coffee beans in Compton for years, and they officially open their storefront in 2018. This minority-owned shop has a modern flair, in both its decor and its menu. Locals love the “Oat Milk Coffee Slushy,” and the “Iced Ibarra Mexican Mocha.” If you’re not planning a visit to Cali anytime soon, consider supporting this coffee-loving couple with a bean subscription, shipped directly to your door. 
What they’re known for: Small-batch, organically roasted coffee beans.
Yelpers say: “ I am so happy that Yelp led me here! I was looking for a small coffee shop and Patria caught my attention. Upon arrival, I knew it had to be a good choice because clientele was flowing! Such a beautiful establishment in the heart of Compton (love that the owner brought this gem to this city). Interior is beautiful and cultural! You can feel the warmth from within. I went with a double iced espresso with simple syrup and vanilla bean … so delicious! Not too sweet and a smooth coffee taste!” —Paris Y.
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Artisan coffee collides with local artwork at Mission Blue. This woman-owned shop not only serves delicious drinks, but it also acts as a community gathering space for artists, activists, musicians, makers, and people from all over the world. Order a classic Cappuccino, or try something a little different, like their Thai Iced Coffee. 
What they’re known for: An unforgettable lavender latte, topped with real lavender flowers.
Yelpers say: “I wish I could give them 10 stars! The cutest little coffee shop with local artist wares. The staff are super friendly. They also have a fantastic seasonal drink – Visitacion Valley Fall Latte. Give it a try if it’s still on the menu. My go to is their Lavender Latte.  I regularly buy their ham & cheese croissant, mushroom & gruyere croissant, and morning bun. But I haven’t had a pastry on the menu that I haven’t liked yet. Can’t recommend this place enough.” —Isabelle I.
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Connect with your community while sipping a big “cuppo” coffee at this Texas treasure. Cuppo Coffee & Tea is run by the sibling duo Tam and Sivin Duong, who are self-proclaimed “coffee nerds.” Their business has been buzzing since opening in 2019, with a focus on fun flavors like their “Ube Latte,” and the “Cafe Bombon,” which is espresso served with sweetened condensed milk. 
What they’re known for: Freshly brewed espresso drinks, handpicked loose leaf tea blends, and freshly baked local pastries. 
Yelpers say: “This is one of those ‘local places’ that I just love.  Hidden in a little strip mall.  Unassuming front outside, but man the character inside this gem! The staff is friendly and the customers are local families.  It’s decorated nicely inside.  Beautiful art. Raw woods.  Makes me want to open a book and stay a while. My latte was beautiful and delicious. Creative flavors like turmeric latte. ” —Tiff D.
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Venture into Ventura for some top notch espresso from Tatiana’s. This shop is owned by husband and wife duo Tatiana and Diego, who are both originally from Colombia. Menu favorites include the “Espresso Con Panna,” and the blended “Espresso Chunk.” If you’re craving more than coffee, enjoy one of their house-made, authentic empanadas. 
What they’re known for: The dirty chai latte is a must-try, topped with a top secret spice mix.
Yelpers say: “This is my favorite coffee shop in Ventura. Outstanding espresso drinks, truly great customer service, very very reasonable prices, this is my kind of coffee shop! The espresso drinks here automatically come with two shots. No extra charge. That, right there, tells you how cool this place is.” —Mikey C.
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Hipsters, be warned! Tim isn’t one for latte art and funky flavors – but he is all about serving great coffee. This no-nonsense shop features a simple menu, but Yelpers agree the proof is in the taste. If you have time for a bit more than coffee, consider ordering a Breakfast Sandwich with your choice of either bacon, ham, chicken, or spicy sausage. 
What they’re known for: No-frills coffee shop serving 100% certified organic coffee with zero trace of pesticides. 
Yelpers say: “There couldn’t be a better name for this coffee shop because Tim really does make great coffee. Was on my way to Starbuck’s just around the corner from Tim’s and I thought that today I’d support the little guy, the independent local businessman. This ended up being a great stop where I found the conversation to be as good as the coffee. Ordered up a cold brew and I’m not sure how he did it but it was rich and thick and bursting with flavor. Thanks Tim!” —Frank S.
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The “A.T.” stands for Aisha Tedros, who owns this little coffee oasis in the heart of Phoenix with her husband. Aisha is a native of Ethiopia, which is where all of her coffee is sourced from individual farmers. She then roasts the beans in-house in small batches. Along with serving these incredible beans, Aisha brought the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony to the Valley of the Sun, which is the only place in Central Phoenix where you can enjoy this unique experience. Regulars here rave about the refreshing Ginger Coffee, and the Chai Tea, which is made from Aisha’s unique blend of spices.
What they’re known for: Rich flavors and beautiful traditions of Ethiopian coffee. 
Yelpers say: “This place is honestly so amazing. They have the besttt coffee, and as a local I can assure you, the owners are the sweetest. If you’re looking to support a small business, have a yummy snack, or an amazing coffee, this is THE place. Can’t rave enough about AT Oasis. Love you guys!” —Ellena K.
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Espresso yourself with a delicious coffee drink from Quince. Owners Katherine and John Hiltbrand are long-time Colorado residents, and were actually customers at Quince before purchasing the shop. They say they knew this place was something special, and these days they’re making their mark on Quince history with their own special Zodiac drink menu. 
What they’re known for: Tasty coffee and a cozy atmosphere, with several gluten-free and vegan food options. 
Yelpers say: “A beautiful and charming literal house coffee shop! There’s lots of different art to admire, and a really gentle atmosphere. The coffees are unique and incredibly tasty, and they have a selection of food that wasn’t an overly large serving that was flavorful and filling. Would definitely recommend for the coffee enthusiast!” —Hailey R.
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Frenchy’s caters to New Yorkers on the move, serving coffee drinks and breakfast pastries Monday through Saturday near the Franklin Avenue subway stop in Brooklyn. Yelpers say they come for the coffee, and stay for the friendliness of owner David, more fondly known as “Frenchy.” Savor a Minty Mochaccino paired with an Almond Croissant, and you just might be transported to a busy Parisian street. 
What they’re known for: On-the-go espresso drinks, and authentic French pastries. 
Yelpers say: “David and the coffee/food he sells is amazing!! He was even nice enough to open up his truck early in the AM for me so I could have my coffee fix. My go-to food items are either the quiches which have a perfectly crisp crust and soft perfectly seasoned filling or the almond croissant. 10/10, definitely recommend!” —Malithi N.
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A cup of Joe from the Red Bud Cafe will perk your morning right up. This family-run business started in Daytona Beach in 2018, combining the flavors of Yugoslavia, Italy, and Australia to create a truly unique cafe experience. Coffee lovers rejoice over “Nick’s Cortado,” named for a beloved former employee. If you’re visiting with a few kiddos in tow, consider ordering a “Babyccino,” which is a mock coffee drink made with steamed milk, sprinkles, and marshmallows. 
What they’re known for: Traditional Italian coffees, and an assortment of sweet and savory crêpes, with inspiration from countries all around the world.
Yelpers say: “This place gets busy, so get there early! They make one of the best lattes I’ve ever had, and I’ve had lattes in multiple countries besides the US! There is so many chain restaurants to eat at, hotel restaurants to just conveniently go to, but I implore you the next time you’re in Daytona to give the Red Bud cafe a try, and I don’t think you’ll go anywhere else for breakfast when in Daytona.” —Laura R.
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Aloha, new favorite coffee shop! This upscale coffee bar is the only place in Lahaina where you’ll hand-shaken iced lattes. The owner’s background is in mixology, which he says gives him a unique approach when it comes to coffee creations. These innovative techniques give your drink a layer of creamy, frothy foam unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. If your sweet tooth needs a little love, try their famous “Nutellaccino.”
What they’re known for: Hand-shaken iced lattes made with single-origin coffee from Kauai.
Yelpers say: “Vigilatte had a cool set up. The baristas were shaking iced drinks like professional bartenders. I will say the Nutellaccino was the best iced coffee drink I’ve ever had. When in Lahaina, this is a must go place for coffee drinks!” —Sheryl B.
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Slow roasting is always the way to go, and that’s a big part of what makes this Fort Lauderdale coffee shop so special. Current owner Luis Arteaga is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, who began working at Calusa shortly after leaving the military. The previous owner, Steven Hodel, took Arteaga under his wing and taught him what he knew about the business of roasting beans. Less than a year after he was hired, Arteaga found himself running this beloved local coffee shop. Stop by for a no-frills cup of coffee, and a bag of beans you won’t soon forget.
What they’re known for: Small batches of coffee beans roasted in-house, sold wholesale, as well as brewed and served to walk-in customers.
Yelpers say: “Try it, you’ll love it.  Such delicious brewing. Beautiful relaxing setting to enjoy a great cup of coffee. Very knowledgeable folks who know a lot about coffee. Being addicted to coffee, Calusa provides the best, most satisfying trip to the Amazon jungle.” —Peter C.
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Forget everything you know about coffee and tea, and take a step inside the ever-inventive Whistle & Fizz. This pioneering shop was founded with the idea that caffeinated beverages shouldn’t just get you through the day – they should be tasty too. Wander in for a sample of a nitro or carbonated drink from their twelve tap draught system. Their Cold Brew Lemonade is a crowd favorite – don’t knock it till you try it!
What they’re known for: Cutting-edge coffee and tea drinks, crafted with high-quality and responsibly sourced ingredients.
Yelpers say: “Great cafe with some seating options and fun bar setup. The baristas were awesome and super friendly — they let us try a few samples since this was our first time coming in. My personal favorites were the cold brew lemonade fizz and the nitro mango. I never thought coffee and soda would be so tasty. I definitely plan to come back and try some of the other items they have on the menu.” —Chris K.
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Don’t let the name fool you – this shop has a wide variety of specialty coffee you don’t want to miss. Choose from several uncommon latte flavors, such as “Cardamom Rose,” “Cafe Mole,” and “Citrus Flower.” However, if you’re hoping to catch up on some work, you might want to make other arrangements. The Crepe Shop is a laptop-free environment, to encourage connections with the people you came in with.
What they’re known for: Specialty coffee offerings, bright decor featuring dozens of plants, and a variety of sweet and savory crepes. 
Yelpers say: “Absolutely delicious coffee. One of the best lattes I’ve ever had!! Belgium Mocha. Please order it along with a crepe for a superb breakfast.” —Elise K.
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Groovy like a drive-in coffee stand. This family-owned Tacoma favorite has been in business more than a decade. With a 70’s theme and a double drive-thru, Wolfe Club is celebrated for its rad scratch-made sauces and syrups. Their coffee drinks boast catchy names like “Holy Moses!” and “Honeymoon,” ensuring you won’t forget these drinks anytime soon. If not everyone in your party is a coffee drinker, consider sipping one of their craft-brewed, all natural energy drinks. 
What they’re known for: Hand-crafted coffee and energy drinks, and drive-thru service with a smile.  
Yelpers say: “Best coffee stand I’ve ever been too! They are always so nice and happy to talk to you while they prepare your coffee. Their whipped creams and syrups are all homemade and seriously taste insanely good. I wish I lived closer so I could stop by more often!” —Chelsea L.
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If you’ve ever wondered what a PB&J Coffee would taste like, look no further than Lodi. This drive-thru coffee stand is all about trying new things, and we assure you, this is one menu you’re going to want to spend some time with. All of their cold brew is made daily in small batches, and all of their flavors are crafted using only all natural ingredients. Dream big when you’re drinking coffee from Lodi – from the French Toast Cold Brew to the Honey Bear Latte, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 
What they’re known for: Wild and wacky flavors, made fresh in-house.
Yelpers say: “I love everything about this coffee shop. The design on the outside will catch you when driving by. The selection of items at Lodi Coffee is great and they have items for the kiddos as well. The customer service is great. If you’re into reward points, you can sign up and earn points every time you make a purchase. Go now and check it out! You will love it.” —Nikki B.
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21. Koana, Mountain View, Hawaii
22. The Modern Rose, Deerfield Beach, Florida
23. Enderly Coffee Co., Charlotte, North Carolina
24. Burly and The Bean, Seaside, Oregon
25. Local Coffee, Montclair, New Jersey
26. Idido Coffee and Social House, Arlington, Virginia
27. Castle Coffee, Albuquerque, New Mexico
28. Cafe Flore, Fort Myers, Florida
29. Window Coffee Bar, Phoenix, Arizona
30. Amarin Coffee USA, Chincoteague, Virginia
31. Howlin’ Hounds Coffee, Omaha, Nebraska
32. Bitty & Beau’s Coffee, Savannah, Georgia
33. Vested Garment District Coffee, Kansas City, Missouri
34. Coldspoon Coffee, Sterling, Virginia
35. CALI COFFEE, Hollywood, Florida
36. Kind Bean, Chandler, Arizona
37. La Perlita, Portland, Oregon
38. Sami’s Coffee Kiosk, Washington, D.C.
39. ICI Macarons & Cafe, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
40. Abyssinia Market & Coffee House, Alexandria, Virginia
41. Java Owl Coffee House, Nassau Bay, Texas
42. Ginjan Bros, New York, New York
43. Theory Coffee Company, San Antonio, Texas
44. Brevity Coffee, San Antonio, Texas
45. The Jitter House, Hoquiam, Washington
46. Café Corazón, Kansas City, Missouri
47. BestSlope Coffee Co, Fruita, Colorado
48. First Village Coffee, Ossining, New York
49. Recreo Coffee & Roasterie, West Roxbury, Massachusetts
50. Kiln Coffee Bar, Grand Junction, Colorado
51. Jet Set Coffee, Tigard, Oregon
52. Polcari’s Coffee, Boston, Massachusetts
53. Bear’s Cup, Bolton, New York
54. William’s Coffee Co, Phoenix, Arizona
55. Cajun Coffee Shack, San Antonio, Texas
56. Cuppi Coffee, Bristow, Virginia
57. Tōv, Portland, Oregon
58. Griot Cafe, Jersey City, New Jersey
59. Coffee Booths, Selden, New York
60. Anonymous Cafe, Houston, Texas
61. D’Andrews Bakery & Cafe, Nashville, Tennessee
62. Valor Coffee, Alpharetta, Georgia
63. Roast’d Coffee, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey
64. Coffee ME Up, Portland, Maine
65. Tiny Timbers Coffee Bistro, South Fork, Colorado
66. Enroute Coffee and Tea House, Goodyear, Arizona
67. Coat Check Coffee, Indianapolis, Indiana
68. Artisan Coffee, Akron, Ohio
69. Burr & Berry Coffee, Indian Land, South Carolina
70. Hayday Coffee, Atlantic City, New Jersey
71. Cutbow Coffee Roastology, Albuquerque, New Mexico
72. The Crepery, Fairbanks, Alaska
73. Cream + Sugar Coffeehouse, Cincinnati, Ohio
74. Tipps Cafe, Las Vegas, Nevada
75. Legal Grounds Cafe, Wilmington, Delaware
76. Qahwah House, Dearborn, Michigan
77. Sweetwater Coffeehouse, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia
78. Vennture Brew, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
79. Velocity Bike & Bean, Florence, Kentucky
80. Old School Coffee, Lexington, Kentucky
81. Cafe Duet, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
82. Dua Coffee DC, Washington, D.C.
83. Java Burrito Company, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
84. Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop, Webster Groves, Missouri
85. Curio Coffee and Wine, Cambridge, Massachusetts
86. St Pat’s Coffeehouse, New Orleans, Louisiana
87. Carabello Coffee, Newport, Kentucky
88. Sip of Hope, Chicago, Illinois
89. MOTW Coffee & Pastries, Indianapolis, Indiana
90. Mr. Bee’s Coffee & Teas, Santa Rosa, New Mexico
91. Georgia Street Grind, Indianapolis, Indiana
92. The White Rabbit Café and Pâtisserie, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
93. Clarity Coffee, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
94. Calvin Fletcher’s Coffee Company, Indianapolis, Indiana
95. Trifecta Coffee Company, Albuquerque, New Mexico
96. 19 Drips, Ann Arbor, Michigan
97. Black Coffee Lounge, Cincinnati, Ohio
98. Ungrounded Coffee Roasters, South Londonderry, Vermont
99. The Nook Coffee House, East Greenwich, Rhode Island
100. Cedar Coffee Company, Two Harbors, Minnesota
We couldn’t celebrate International Coffee Day without acknowledging some of the amazing coffee shops in Canada. Whether you’re sipping on an artisan coffee bean blend at Café de’ Mercanti in Montréal, Quebec (#2), or enjoying a creamy, blended “frappanito” at Incognito Coffee in Vancouver, British Columbia, we know there’s something for every coffee fanatic on this list.
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How we did it: This is an all-time list of the Top Coffee Shops in Canada, according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the coffee shop category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews.
While its name might be Incognito, it’s not hard to see why Yelpers rave about the coffee here. Tucked away next to the Vancouver School of Music, this mom-and-pop shop wants its customers to “rediscover the great taste of coffee.” Menu favorites include classics like the Americano and Flat White, along with more creative concoctions like their “Frappanito.”  If you’re in the mood for to explore, take your coffee and a croissant to go, and check out the nearby Vancover Harbour. 
What they’re known for: Local craft roasted coffee, and a selection of Eastern European pastries and lunch offerings.
Yelpers say: “As someone who works from home, I find my productivity levels waning at times. A change in environment always helps, and Incognito Coffee is a great choice if you’re looking to get some work done. Everything is prepared fresh and the quality is top-notch. However, the best part about Incognito has to be the incredibly personable service you get from the owners, Rob and Chanel. They are so passionate about customer service and quality control, and are quick to greet every customer with a smile and friendly conversation. This type of genuine customer service is a rare commodity nowadays and is the reason why I will continue to patronize them time and time again. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend supporting this local business for a handcrafted beverage or a treat.” —Tasha C.
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Gianni Battista is bringing the flavors of Italy to Canada at Café de’ Mercanti. The original “Caffe de Mercanti” is located in the small Italian town of Sermoneta,in the Lazio region. Battista worked as a barista there for more than ten years, before making his way to Montréal. But what makes his coffee so special? Battista’s home blend is specially selected from a mix of various coffee beans, which he refers to as a form of art. In every sip, you’ll not only only deliciously brewed coffee, but also a resounding passion for Italian traditions that have stood the test of time.
What they’re known for: Authentic Italian coffee, fresh pastries, and select Italian groceries.
Yelpers say: “Excellent little cafe. We found it while wondering around Old Town. We had cappuccinos and croissants. It was so good we went back the next morning for breakfast. The gentleman behind the counter was very sweet and gave us some great recommendations for restaurants in the are..” —Sheila D.
Find even more best coffee shops in Montréal.
Stop into this popular shop in Québec City for a wide selection of coffee beans, all of which are roasted in house. Yelpers rave about the accessible location, and comfortable interior complete with retro decor. If you like what you taste when you visit Cantook, make sure to take a bag of beans with you to-go as well.
What they’re known for: Memorable espresso beans, sourced in Costa Rica and roasted in house.
Yelpers say: “I was staying nearby for three days and stopped by Cantook four or five times.  They make a really good macchiato, and it’s strong, but with no bitterness or acidic taste.  I also really loved the maple latte.  I usually don’t get flavored lattes because of the artificial sweetener taste, but the maple added just the right amount of flavor and wasn’t super sweet.” —Nadine F.
Find even more best coffee shops in Québec City.
Latte lovers, rejoice! Fahrenheit Coffee in Toronto has been crafting beautiful, drinkable creations on the daily since 2011. This shop also offers three different espresso origins, which rotate seasonally. If you’ve ever wanted to get in on the latte art craze, you can even sign up for one of their classes, which covers all the barista basics. Don’t forget to order a Cortado – it’s Fahrenheit’s signature drink.
What they’re known for: Seasonal espresso selections, and Instagram-worthy latte art.
Yelpers say: “Fahrenheit is one of the best coffee shops I’ve ever been to. Every time I step into a Fahrenheit I’m always treated well and given a delicious cup of coffee. My partner and I not only love their coffee, but they also have really good chocolate chip cookies (the best in the city, in my opinion), and we love the people who work here. Anyways, they’re the best. Go get coffee from them.” —Sarah Y.
Find even more best coffee shops in Toronto.
If you’re looking for a simple “Cuppa Joe” to-go, the Coffee Bureau is definitely where you want to be. This Edmonton staple is beloved for its cozy interior and cute, quirky decor. Menu favorites include a classic latte, and the Chocolate Cheesecake Muffin.
What they’re known for: No-frills coffee drinks, freshly baked assorted pastries, and a certain local charm that can’t be replicated.
Yelpers say: “I’m not particularly fancy when it comes to coffee, no sweet syrups, whipped cream or drizzles on top when it comes to my preferences.  Just give me an Americano Misto or Latte and I’m set.  With that said, the oat milk latte I ordered was probably the lightest and smoothest I’ve had in the city and like many others have said, there’s no bitterness, burnt taste or all the other negatives that can come from coffee made at non-ideal temperatures.” —Julie W.
Find even more best coffee shops in Edmonton.
6. Java Blend Coffee Roasters, Halifax, Nova Scotia
7. Nektar, Québec City, Quebec
8. Piedmont Coffee Bar, Toronto, Ontario
9. Tandem Coffee, Toronto, Ontario
10. Mallo, Toronto, Ontario
11. Oui Mais Non, Montréal, Quebec
12. Fresh Press Coffee Bar, Richmond, British Columbia
13. Revolver, Vancouver, British Columbia
14. Everbean Cafe, Surrey, British Columbia
15. Duo Patisserie & Cafe, Markham, Ontario
16. Le fournil Bakery, Canmore, Alberta
17. Rooster Coffee House, Toronto, Ontario
18. Cuatro Coffee, Surrey, British Columbia
19. Monogram Coffee, Calgary, Alberta
20. Hey Happy, Victoria, British Columbia
21. Black Cat Espresso Bar, Toronto, Ontario
22. Himalayan Coffee House, Toronto, Ontario
23. Oakwood Espresso, Toronto, Ontario
24. Pourquoi Pas Espresso Bar, Montréal, Quebec
25. Sanremo Bakery, Etobicoke, Ontario
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Apple picking is a time-honored fall tradition. As hot summer days begin to cool off, apple picking becomes one of…
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It’s fall, y’all! Temps are dropping, leaves are falling and your neighborhood coffee shop has pumpkin spice lattes back on…
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What better way to celebrate spring in full swing than flower crown making, baby goat snuggling, cocktail sipping, live music…
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