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We know little of the specifics of Steven Spielberg’s upcoming movie “The Fabelmans,” other than that it is based loosely on the years he spent growing up in Phoenix.
After the release of the first poster for the film Wednesday … we still don’t know much. 
But it looks gorgeous.
The poster shows the silhouette of a man walking down a street — a street that’s definitely not in Phoenix. It’s a Hollywood backlot, judging by the sign that says “Stage 25.” Does it represent Spielberg’s path to movie royalty? A trip down memory lane? Or is it just a cool image? Can’t it be all of those things?
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Displayed in front of the man are a series of stills from the film. In the center is Michelle Williams as Mitzi Fabelman, dancing. Other images include Gabriel LaBelle as Mitzi’s son Sammy Fabelman, the Spielberg alter ego, holding a camera. We also see Paul Dano as Burt Fabelman, Sammy’s father, and Seth Rogen as Sammy’s beloved uncle, Bennie Loewy. There is also what looks like a family portrait, among other images.
Best of all is the image of Sammy looking at film that is being projected onto his cupped hands. With their warm, golden glow and the perfect framing, all of the images look Spielbergian. This one looks the Spielbergiest. It’s magical.
“The Fabelmans” will have its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, which runs from Sept. 8-18. The limited run begins Nov. 11 before expanding nationwide on Nov. 23.
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