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I scream you scream, New Jersey is screaming because one of our favorite ice cream parlors has been declared one of the best in all of the U.S.
Why is this super sweet spot getting national attention?
The days of your good old-fashioned ice cream parlors with a dozen or so flavors and a choice of rainbow or chocolate sprinkles (jimmies if you're reading this in South Jersey) are over.
A new day is upon us where ice creameries are offering creations that are truly works of art and sometimes look too good to eat, but we do anyway.
Lifestyle website Thrillist released a list of "40 American Ice Cream Shops You Need to Try Right Now."
Many big city parlors were given a nod.
Margie's Candy is located in Chicago, and while you can get candy as a topping, Margie's has always been about ice cream since 1921.
By the looks of the inside, not much has changed since then.
It's rumored that The Beatles and even Al Capone have gotten a scoop from Margie's.
Check out their incredible sundaes.
There's also the exotic Mashti Malone's in Los Angeles.
This Persian ice cream parlor has been serving up unique ice cream for over 40 years.
Rosewater, Lavender, and Orange Blossom are just a few of the choices.
Now, it's time for our Jersey brag. Thrillist has this to say about its pick for one of the best ice cream parlors in the U.S.
Have you ever visited The Bent Spoon in Princeton?
The Bent Spoon scoops traditional and vegan ice cream along with sorbets.
You can't go wrong with any of these.


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