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Phoenix Suns general manager James Jones has long been one of the best at his position since taking over duties. 
Now, there's some evidence to support that. recently released results of their study of all general managers across the four major sports here in the United States. Here's their methodology:
"’s experts compared the win/loss percentage of the team’s current GM with the previous five years before his tenure.
"Calculating the financial performance of GMs across different sports is far more complicated. The finances of NFL, NHL and NBA are largely controlled by a salary cap in each sport, with some flexibility in the NBA. 
"In the MLB there is a salary figure over which teams must pay a luxury tax on top of any money they spend on paying players. This diversity means it’s hard to evaluate teams from different sports, particularly where some sports teams are encouraged and in fact required to pay a minimum amount to players (in the NFL teams must spend at least 95% of the salary cap), and in others they are incredibly frugal and try to spend as little as possible (take for example the Baltimore Orioles who will spend less than $50mil for their total payroll in 2022, less than 20% of the top spending MLB team, the Los Angeles Dodgers).
"With this in mind: teams were measured by how much they spent as a percentage of their league’s average spend, divided by their win/loss percentage. This gives us a reliable and versatile metric which can be used to evaluate the effective spending of a GM in any major sport."
As a result, Jones finished as the top general manager in the NBA, and the second best across all major sports. 
1. Les Snead (Los Angeles Rams)
2. James Jones (Phoenix Suns)
3. Elton Brand (Philadelphia 76ers)
4. Jon Robinson (Tennessee Titans)
5. Rob Pelinka (Los Angeles Lakers)
6. Bob Myers (Golden State Warriors)
7. Jon Horst (Milwaukee Bucks)
8. Mickey Loomis (New Orleans Saints)
9. Don Waddell (Carolina Hurricanes)
10. Doug Armstrong (St. Louis Blues)
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