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The Lauper at Fine Fellows Creamery made for a colorful and fun ice cream sundae.
Hey everybody-
Temps are rising, and that means the madness of summer is mere seconds away! You remember summer, right? It’s that time when bikini-clad hotties from all corners of the earth descend upon the shore to frolic along the beach while surfers and lifeguards with ego-crushing physiques straight from the cover of a $6 romance novel wax up their chests and prepare for another season of looking better than everyone else.
Meanwhile, there you sit in that same sand, pale and shirtless, sunburnt and self-conscious, rocking a dad bod that’s one Snickers bar away from utter failure, yet still promising yourself that one day you’ll be hardbodied and handsome just like they are. You’ll beat them at their own game, surf the biggest wave and save the prettiest girl from the depths of drowning as you carry her to the sand for some mouth-to-mouth while the muscles of your Apollo-esque body effortlessly ripple in the summer sun.
(Pause for snickering)
Listen chubbs, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s never gonna happen. You can’t beat ’em, and you probably shouldn’t join ’em either, so it’s time to forget about bathing suits, gym memberships and diets that you’re definitely NOT going to start tomorrow and focus on the one tangible reality that’s heading your way and mine this summer – a hell of a lot of ice cream.
That’s right, ice cream season is upon us! OK, fine: Some of us eat our fair share of ice cream all year long, but there is something about knocking down a giant sundae, triple-scoop waffle cone or massive milkshake during the heat of the summer that makes it extra satisfying.
So, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do here in my new column. Join me every other week as I uncover the tastiest frozen treats at the Jersey Shore. Get ready for Sundaes in the Summer!
Ice cream with an oceanfront view? Sign me up. That’s exactly what Fine Fellows Creamery in Cape May has to offer, as it’s located right on Beach Avenue, and if you snag a spot by the window, you can gaze at the waves between spoonfuls. The shop has a classic soda fountain vibe, but with a more modern aesthetic and the colorful design of the interior is pleasant and fun.
Fine Fellows offers a tempting selection of ice cream flavors and incorporates them into some fun creations including milkshakes, warm waffle dishes and a lineup of sundaes that are truly unique. What makes them so? Well, for starters, each of them is named after a legendary ’80s music act, and they tend to lean toward the synth-rock groups with sundaes like The Cure (chocolate ice cream, peanuts, hot fudge and caramel corn), the Tears For Fears (Guatemalan ripple ice cream, hot fudge and almonds in a waffle bowl) and the brilliantly titled Depeche A La Mode (pralines and cream ice cream, salted caramel sauce and potato chips on a liege waffle).
In the end I went with the Lauper — a tribute to the Brooklyn native behind “True Colors,”“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” and the often overlooked classic “Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” – which is made with strawberry ice cream, Fruity Pebbles cereal, gummi bears and marshmallow sauce. Here’s what I thought of it:
The Concept: I love an inventive sundae, and one themed after an ’80s rock star is always gonna scratch me right where I itch. Big points for this right out of the gate. It took me quite a bit of willpower not to order The Cure, as they are my favorite band of all time, but the ingredients in the Lauper ultimately swayed me.
The Ice Cream: Fine Fellows doesn’t make their own ice cream, but they do use Bassett’s, the legendary Philly-based company that has been in the ice cream game since 1861. The strawberry flavor was rich and creamy as is to be expected with a high butterfat ice cream like Bassett’s. It lacked any actual pieces of strawberry, though, which was a shame, as that always makes an ice cream flavor just a little bit better.
The Toppings: Although Fruity Pebbles were listed in the description, somehow my sundae ended up with rainbow sprinkles subbed in instead. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a rainbow sprinkle as much as the next guy, and these were a welcome and tasty addition, but I was expecting Fruity Pebbles, which are a personal favorite of mine and a far less common topping to come across, so their absence was a bit disappointing.
The Lauper was also topped with gummi bears. I am a pretty big fan of these on their own, but have never tried them as an ice cream topping before, and now I understand why. The cold of the ice cream hardens the bears to a rubber-like consistency, so there is a lot of chewing to be done to get each bear down and they don’t blend particularly well with the ice cream either. I found myself avoiding them with my spoon as I ate the sundae. I imagine the bears might be fun for kids, but for me it’s a one and done as a topping.
Whipped cream and a pair of cherries toppe d the whole thing off and were awesome. I always love when a spot goes out of their way to not cut corners, and the homemade whipped cream was divine. I love a maraschino cherry on just about any sundae, but they paired particularly well on the Lauper thanks to its fruit flavored base.
The Sauce: Marshmallow sauce was gooey and sweet as expected. A mild flavored sauce, it managed to come through nicely and enhance the strawberry flavor with a subtle hint of vanilla. I should have asked for extra sauce, though. Next time I will.
The Bottom Line: While the gummi bears were a misstep, the Lauper still managed to be a tasty and delicious treat overall. But next time, don’t forget the Fruity Pebbles.
The Score: 7.3
Fine Fellows Creamery is located at 313 Beach Ave., Cape May. Go to
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The Lauper at Fine Fellows Creamery made for a colorful and fun ice cream sundae.
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