Someburros opening new restaurants in Phoenix, Goodyear and Peoria – The Arizona Republic

Local burrito shop Someburros is set to make its West Valley debut this year in Goodyear and Peoria, followed by a third location in north Phoenix.
Since 1986 the casual Mexican restaurant chain has served Sonoran-style burros rolled with beans, carne asada or other ingredients. Diners also have the option of ordering their burros enchilada, chimichanga or fundido style. Specials include the crudo burro, which features machaca and a spicy tomatillo sauce.
The Vasquez family operates multiple Someburros shops, mostly in the East Valley, though their first foray in the restaurant industry started earlier in 1972 when matriarch Isabel Vasquez opened Poncho’s in south Phoenix.
Someburros is scheduled to open three new locations in 2022:
Details: For current locations, visit
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