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Earlier this week, we published a story about how the Phoenix Suns had been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers’ Anthony Davis in NBA trade speculation.
The story quoted a Western Conference executive, who told that the Suns “would be an interesting fit” for Davis, once Phoenix could trade Deandre Ayton.
The executive suggested Phoenix trading Ayton and Cam Johnson in a package for the Lakers big man and the thought got us wondering: Would Suns fans be OK with trading Johnson and Ayton as part of a deal for Davis?
We asked for readers’ thoughts on social media and they responded via an azcentral sports Twitter poll and an azcentral sports Facebook post.
The overarching theme of the responses?
No, Suns fans would not be OK with it. Not at all.
64.8% of voters in the Twitter poll voted that “No” the Suns should not consider trading Ayton and Johnson for Davis.
26.3% voted “Yes,” while 8.9% voted “Depends on package.”
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They sounded off on the Anthony Davis Suns trade speculation, which can’t even become a possibility involving Ayton until Jan. 15, on social media, with many pointing out Davis’ history of injuries.
Johnny Guerrero (on Facebook): are you nuts?. hell no.
Tommy Medina (on Facebook): Street clothes?!?!?!?! NO THANKS!!!!!
Mike Newhart (on Facebook): No! AD spends most of his time on his back. Hurt way to much.
Santino Di Santo (on Facebook): hell noooooo
David Mayer (on Facebook): No way. No how. No thank you! We good.
Xavier Denogean (on Facebook): 3 years ago yeah, but not now!
Do you think the Suns should try to trade Deandre Ayton and Cam Johnson as part of a package for the Lakers’ Anthony Davis?
Continue the conversation on Facebook or in the comments of this story.
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