Phoenix stabbing: New details released on suspect who left man badly wounded – FOX 10 News Phoenix

Officials say the suspect, identified as 28-year-old Kendis Randles, barricaded himself inside an office, which led to an evacuation of the building. Officers at the scene continued to speak with Randles for several hours before they used non-lethal gas to encourage him to surrender.
Police say a suspect who stabbed a man is in custody after he barricaded himself inside a business in west Phoenix.
The incident, according to a detailed statement released by Phoenix Police officials, happened in an area near 71st Avenue and Buckeye Road.
"When officers arrived, they were led to a man who was bleeding heavily and suffered multiple cuts to various parts of his body," read a portion of the statement.
The victim, according to police, was taken to the hospital.
In court documents we obtained, the suspect was identified as 28-year-old Kendis Auzzine Randles. Police officials say Randles was an employee of the victim.
Investigators say the incident happened inside the victim's office.
"A coworker heard a ruckus going on in the victim's office. When she went to the office to find out what was going on, she observed the victim lying on the ground, with the suspect standing over the victim, holding a box cutter in his right hand," read a portion of the documents.
The witness, according to investigators, tried to pull Randles off the victim before running into a warehouse and scream for help. Afterwards, others were able to pull Randles off the victim.
"The suspect then barricaded himself in the office when police arrived. After several hours, officers were able to use less lethal force to place the suspect under arrest," read a portion of the documents. ""
The suspect, according to court documents, admitted to cutting the victim, and claimed he did so because he believed the victim was a pedophile.
"The suspect stated he had attempted to tell police regarding an incident where the victim attempted to sell a baby about 56 months ago, but the police did not do anything about this incident. The suspect had confronted the victim about this numerous times, but the victim denied any wrong doing. The suspect felt that justice for the victim would be jail time, but he believed the legal system was not going to work," read a portion of the court documents.
According to investigators, Randles had been working up the nerve to carry out the attack for several months, and was originally set to carry it out on Oct. 13. The victim, however was not at work on Oct. 13.
The victim, according to court documents, was cut multiple times in the face, neck, abdomen, and right hand. The victim required surgery, as well as reconstructive surgery to repair injuries sustained by his right hand.
Court documents stated that Randles had an involuntary mental evaluation in October 2021. Randles is accused of aggravated assault and attempted first degree murder. A secured appearance bond of $1 million has been set for Randles.
Kendis Randles was arrested after police say he stabbed another man at a west Phoenix business before barricading himself, leading to an hours-long standoff.
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Two adults and three children were found dead inside a home in north Phoenix, police said. Their deaths are being investigated as a homicide.
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