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PHOENIX — The murder of a Memphis woman, who was out jogging last week, has left female runners across the country outraged and heartbroken. In Phoenix, some are working to honor Eliza Fletcher by finishing her run, while also taking extra precautions.
“I know every female runner that I’m friends with… we all have that certain concern; we all have a story of when we felt unsafe while running,” says Nora Croutier, an avid runner with DTPHX Run Club.
Running in solidarity — a movement following the tragic death of Eliza Fletcher. This Friday marks one week since the mother of two was murdered while out jogging near the University of Memphis. Women across the country are participating in running events in her honor.
“I’m just going to pop into one of those and just finish her run for her. You know, in memory of her and everything that she’s done,” says Jessie Wolf.
Wolf is also a mother.
“If I don’t come home because something horrible happened, it’s devastating,” says Wolf.
This recent tragedy has caused her to want to protect herself even more.
“Looking at different weapons, different guns maybe. You know, they have exercise holsters, maybe a wand. I googled Krav Maga,” says Wolf.
Others are opening up and sharing their own scary encounters from the past, highlighting the violence against female runners.
“There was a car that was following me for about a mile, nothing happened but I ran up someone’s driveway. So, they probably thought I was going back home but who knows what could have happened in that situation,” says Addison Sember.
Sember tells us she also participates in an all-women’s group. Their focus the past few days has been on taking action.
“We are actually planning on organizing, like, a self-defense class that we can all partake in… just to get a little more knowledge for us, more skills since we are out and vulnerable in the community,” says Sember.
For some, it’s also a realization that we all need to do more.
“I would love to see us make a big change and become more of a community and look out for each other,” says Wolf.

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