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PHOENIX — We had some stiff competition from cities like Philadelphia, Boston, and NYC, but Phoenix still managed to make the list of rudest cities in America, according to a new study by Preply. We clocked in as the 11th rudest city.
But what gives? Why are we so high up there? And who seems to be bumping up those numbers?
The survey took a look at the 30 largest cities in the country and asked locals and non-locals alike to rate the rudeness of the average person living there from 1 to 10. 
Participants were also asked to rank what sort of behaviors they found rude, and how often they saw them in their city.
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As for Phoenix, it all came down to phones and driving. The study found that Phoenix residents were most bothered by people being too absorbed in their phones, and aggressive drivers not letting others merge.
The study also found that people feel it’s non-locals who are the rudest, and by a wide margin. 74% of participants said transplants were ruder than natives.
Because of that, Phoenix ranked 3rd in cities with the rudest transplants, right after Charlotte and Nashville.
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So who are we competing against? Here’s a full list of the 14 rudest cities according to the survey:
Even if it’s by a narrow margin, we managed to avoid being in the top ten. 
You can take a look at the full study here on Preply’s website.
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