New Food Truck Park Opens At Historic Northland Shopping Center – News On 6

A new food truck park is adding flavor to the Phoenix District.
It’s an area of town the city that is being revitalized, and leaders said this is something the area needs.
Eat 36 Street North Food Truck Park is turning a former food desert into the latest lunch spot with food trucks like Soul Food on Wheels.
Ron and Sharon Burnett run the family business, and the menu comes from their own kitchen.
You can catch them cooking Southern-style comfort food on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
“We both enjoy cooking. We both cooked at home as kids, so we always cook for the family events and everyone has always encouraged us to cook, so one led thing led to another, and we finally ended up getting this food trailer and here we are today,” Ron said.
Ron said some hot menu items are catfish, chicken wings, and meatloaf.
The Burnett’s are excited about the new location in the historic Northland Shopping Center.
“And that’s been our goal. To be able to offer something that North Tulsa doesn’t have,” Ron said.
Soul Food on Wheels is just one of several food trucks you’ll see at the park, including 918 War Room serving up wings and ribs.
“This allows the community to have access to different types of food,” said Tracie Chandler, President of the Phoenix Development Council.
She said the name has meaning since the area used to be thriving and filled with business.
“We want not just to return to its former economic glory, but to exceed it with each passing year. And I cannot wait until this plan comes to fruition,” Chandler said.
The food trucks will be there Tuesdays, Thursdays, and weekends.


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