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Reonna Huettner |
Need a new restaurant to taco-bout? Check out this new California-style Mexican food truck located in Eau Claire. What was once a catering business on the West Coast turned into a community-favorite taco truck: California Tacos.
Their menu consists of classic burritos and tacos with four different types of meats and a side of rice, alongside their West Coast-inspired menu options like the California burrito – a tortilla filled with one choice of meat, rice, sour cream, ooey-gooey cheese, and tater tots. That’s right, tater tots!
They also serve tortas, California nachos, pambazo, sobes, and quesadillas with fresh ingredients prepared daily. 
After moving to the area nine years ago, owners Noe and Rosina Velasquez sold their original food truck, bought a new one to withstand Wisconsin winters, and embarked on their new adventure in the food truck business with their first permanent location at 1827 Brackett Ave.

We were raised to be a family, so as a family we learned to do all of this together.
–Natalie Velasquez,
daughter of owners Noe and Rosina Velasquez 
“I think my parents are still in shock,” said Natalie Velasquez, one of the owner’s daughters, who helps with the business, “and they thank everyone who tries our food all the time.”
In the past, Noe Velasquez worked as a butcher, learning to prepare, cut, cook, and use various meats in the best way to complement his dishes. Alongside him, Rosina Velasquez learned how to portion seasonings to create the ultimate flavor combinations over the years, and they continue to cook together. 

As their family grew, the business became more family-oriented, making their food truck more than just a truck but a place where they can do what they love as a family while providing food for people to enjoy.
“We were raised to be a family,” Natalie Velasquez said, “so as a family we learned to do all of this together.” 
With nine members, the Velasquez family works together to choose items for their menu, create daily specials, and make sure that their food can be shared with their customers daily in the Chippewa Valley.

And this food truck is only the beginning, according to their daughter, as they hope to buy a second food truck and also open the doors to their very own restaurant inside a new permanent location by next year. 
“This is something they worked for for so long, (and although) we might look small, what comes out of it is amazing,” Valesquez said. The family hopes both longtime customers as well as newbies to the biz continue to come out and support their small business – and get delicious eats out of it as well! 
 For more information, check out California Tacos on Facebook,  or give them a call at (715) 530-4272. 
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