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Theme parks are” not meant to be real life” as we say, which is good because I am sure I would not order tacos from the Simpson’ character, Bumblebee Man. However, one of the best quick service places at Universal Studios Florida is Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck, located in the Springfield USA area of Universal Studios Florida.
Bumblebee Man has been voiced by several people on the Simpson show and also speaks an odd variation of Spanish. The tacos served at this food truck reflect an interesting variety of flavors as well.
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While Bumblebee Man would not be an ideal example of a Mexican celebrity, neither are the Korean tacos sold at his taco truck traditional Mexican tacos.
People enjoy the Bumblebee Man character on the TV show and people do enjoy the Korean tacos sold at his food truck in Springfield area- for good reasons.

To start with, you can get two tacos and tortilla chips for $10.99 before any dining discounts. If you are trying to save a little money, then this entrée will help.
Some veteran Universal Orlando Resort guests will split these tacos as a solid snack.
The Korean taco may not sound like something a fictional Simpsons character would make well. However, the combination of Asian inspired braised beef with a zesty cucumber and radish topping works.
I can assure you that these tacos are fully approved in my household as a valid way to celebrate Taco Tuesday. The tortillas are surprising fresh most of the time. I say most of the time because this is a theme park after all so there are bad days. The seasoned beef tastes fresh and juicy for theme park quick service.

If you are looking for full-service dining tacos, you could visit Antojitos in CityWalk. If you want to celebrate the magnificent creation know as tacos in quick service fashion, then Korean tacos should be high on your list. Unlike Bumblebee Man himself, you will not be saying the catchphrase “¡Ay, ay, ay, no me gusta!” after eating these tacos.
Enjoy these tacos during your next trip to Universal Studios Florida.
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