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Wichita is deeply rooted with many unique cultures. Through the years, the city has been a cultural hub that fused traditions and flavors. The diversity has made international dining a popular part of our local food scene. Let’s cover how to eat around the world in Wichita.
Nearly 400 restaurants, food trucks and other food vendors in the area account for the eclectic international offerings we are fortunate to have. The beauty of it is, they all have their own style, recipes, fusions and takes on dishes that create opportunities for us to try something we may have never had before. Whether you consider them “authentic” or close enough to what you’d find in a native country, that’s for you to decide. What I do know is our food scene is incredibly diverse, reflecting a modern-day population of people who want to share their culture and love of food.
Here’s where to go to try international cuisine via a food truck, nice sit down restaurant, a quick-service style set up and more all in Wichita.
Bchic Bar & Grill, 6600 W. Central Ave
Argentina’s Empanadas, 1113 E. Douglas Ave
Kónkeh Artisan Alfajor Pastries, Home-Based Business
Brazilian Cacao, Home-Based Business
Brazita Bites, Food Truck
Antojitos Criollos, Home-Based Business
Ka Du Ku, Home-Based Business
China Inn, 4605 E Central Ave.
Eggroll Express, 331 31st St. S
Lee’s Chinese Restaurant, 6215 W Kellogg Dr
Ming’s Cantonese Restaurant, 1625 S Seneca St.
Oh Yeah! China Bistro, 3101 N Rock Rd
Tianluo Bistro, 11309 E Kellogg Ave. (Sichuan cuisine)
Tom’s Lotus Garden, 822 S Broadway St.
Bagatelle Bakery, 6801 E Harry St.
Vora Restaurant European, 3252 E Douglas Ave.
YaYa’s Euro Bistro, 8115 E 21st St. N
Georges French Bistro, 4618 E Central Ave.
La Galette French Bakery, 1017 W Douglas Ave.
Cafe Bel Ami, 229 E William St. (French Mediterranean cuisine)
Lumpia Lady, Food Truck
Prost, 2721 E Central Ave.
Chaat House, 1845 Fairmount St.
Deshi Curry, 6249 E 21st St. N
Kababs, 3101 N Rock Rd
New Paradise Biryani Pointe, 1648 S Rock Rd
Passage to India, 6100 E 21st St. N
Albero Cafe, 4811 E Central Ave – 2684 N. Greenwich Rd
Angelo’s Italian Restaurant, 5231 E Central Ave.
Bella Vita Bistro, 120 N West St.
FioRito Ristorante, 3134 E. Douglas Ave.
Marchello’s Restaurant, 3107 S Seneca St.
Napoli Italian Eatery, 7718 E 37th St.
Savute’s Italian Ristorante, 3303 North Broadway
Viola’s Pantry, 156 N Cleveland Ave.
Wadadli Island Cuisine, Food Truck
Japan Express, 2250 N Rock Rd Ct.
Komugi Japanese Bakery, Home-Based Bakery
Old Tokyo Steakhouse, 6821 W Taft St.
Mr. Miyagi Japanese Grill, 3920 E. Harry – 4041 N Maize Rd
Ninza Sushi Bar, 8428 W 13th St – 306 N Rock Rd
Sakura Japanese Cuisine, 605 W Douglas Ave
Sapporo Japanese Sushi Restaurant, 8065 E Peachtree Ln
Tokyo Japanese Cuisine, 446 N West St.
Tuta’s Teriyaki, 1212 S Tyler Rd
Yokohama Ramen Joint, 6434 E Central Ave – 613 W Douglas Ave
GangNam Korean Grill & Bar, 210 N Washington St
Grace Market, 1030 Oliver St.
Hot Stone Korean Grill, 3743 N Rock Rd
Kimchi Korean Restaurant, 2929 N Rock Rd
Manna Wok, 4865 E Harry St.
Lao Food Market, 3141 S. Hillside
Sabor Latin Bar & Grill, 309 North Mead St.
Malaysia Cafe, 7777 E 21st St. N
Bella Luna Cafe, 2132 N Rock Rd – 2441 N Maize Rd
Cafe Maurice, 9747 E 21st St.
College Hill Deli & Catering, 3407 E Douglas Ave.
Le Monde Cafe & Deli, 602 N West St.
Mediterranean Grill, 335 S Towne East Mall Dr
M.I.F. Deli, 5618 E Central Ave.
N&J Cafe & Bakery, 5600 E Lincoln St.
Sesame – Mediterranean Kitchen, 2755 N Maize Rd
Chuyitos Birreria, 1415 W Pawnee St.
Connie’s Mexico Cafe, 2227 N Broadway
El Jalisco, 615 E 47th St. S.
El Viejito Mexican Restaurant, 4722 S Broadway
Juarez Bakery, 1068 N Waco Ave – 2209 S Seneca St.
Leo’s Taqueria, Food Truck
Mi Lindo Michoacan Mexican Restaurant, 2120 N Broadway
Puerto Vallarta Mexican Restaurant, 602 N Tyler Rd
Tacos TJ 664, 1014 N. West St.
Taqueria El Fogon, 1555 S Bluffview Dr. – 2604 N Arkansas
Taqueria La Chona, 3415 E Harry St.
Himali Eats, 3238 E Douglas Ave.
Ah-So Oriental Restaurant, 855 S Oliver
Asian Wok, 2929 N Rock Rd
Tasty House, 2431 North Greenwich Rd
Gabby’s Peruvian Restaurant, 1002 S Seneca St.
Antojitos Guanamex, 1425 E Central Ave. (and Mexican cuisine)
Puerto el Triunfo Restaurante, 1714 E Northern St.
Restaurante Usuluteco, 2265 S Seneca St.
San Salvador Cafe, 5518 W Central Ave.
Bann Thai, 3811 W 13th St. N
Chiang Mai Thai Restaurant, 3141 S Hillside St.
Krua Thai Restaurant, 7603 W 21st St.
Promise Thai Cuisine, 313 S Greenwich Rd
Thai House, 969 N West St.
Thai Traditions, 650 N Carriage Pkwy
Thai Village: House of Pad Thai, 2020 S Rock Rd
Tuptim Thai Restaurant, 2121 N Rock Rd
Grandma Thuy’s, 8728 W Maple St.
Kimlan Sandwiches, 1035 N Broadway
Little Saigon, 1015 N Broadway
Pho Cao, 9203 W Central Ave.
Pho Cuong, 6605 E 37th St.
Pho KC, 4875 E Pawnee St.
Pho Le’s, 6540 E Central Ave.
Pho Ong 8, 3801 E Harry St.
Rice & Roll By Xing Xing, 1920 E Pawnee
Saigon Oriental Restaurant, 1103 N Broadway Ave.
Vietnom Nom, 8641 W 13th St.
Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list of all restaurants represented in Wichita! As you know there are many Mexican, Vietnamese, Japanese, Mediterranean restaurants to choose from. This is just a sample that fit in various categories. Enjoy!
Happy Dining,
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This is the kind of article that really pulls it all together for me. Even though I read the reviews of restaurants all the time and try to visit as many as I can, being able to see all of the various food cultures pulled together in one spot is what really helps me appreciate how fortunate we are here in Wichita to be able to choose from so many different kinds of food. It also helps me consider places I would have never thought of visiting because I didn’t realize it was a different culture than just Asian, Mexican, etc. Thanks for all your hard work!!
hmmmmmm I wonder if we could get the city council to do an Eddy Appreciation Day??
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