How Simply Antojitos is selling authentic Puerto Rican treats ahead of the Summer season –

From pina colada, to pink Starburst flavors, the small business owner has you covered with all of the summertime flavors.
Adamary Sosa has vivid memories of her mother making batches of homemade limbers when she was just a kid when her family lived in Reading, Pennsylvania.
“When I was younger she had a limber business and she would be up all night making limbers and I would be the nosey kid taste testing the limbers,” Sosa said in an interview with AL DIA News
Her mother would sell them to neighbors from her home.
These refreshing homemade individually-made ice cream treats that are frozen in plastic cups come from Puerto Rico, and are the quintessential remedy to beat the heat in the summertime.
However, when her family moved to Philadelphia, her mother grew hesitant with selling the limbers out of her home.
This is why Sosa decided to make limbers in the summer, during the COVID-19 pandemic.
She got the idea when she began craving the sweet treat, but couldn’t find any high quality ones like her mother used to make.
“I would get limbers, they were not of good quality, they were watery,” she said.
Sosa wanted to add a gourmet twist to it and combine the traditional cooking method with different and popular flavors in the states, like caramel, nutella, and oreo flavors.

She began experimenting with different flavors and offered some limbers to her co-workers at the Norris Square Community Alliance, where Sosa works.
Her co-workers loved them.
“I tried it, I launched a page and it went from there,” she said.
With the success of her creations from her co-workers and friends on social media, Sosa began selling her frozen treats through Instagram. 
She named her new found business, Simply Antojitos.
“It started with three simple flavors and I started experimenting with other flavors and getting their opinions,” said Sosa.
Now the Latina entrepreneur has a large social media following and a huge selection of limbers.
“Most of my clientele will ask for them, I post my inventory daily with what I have,” she said.

She also delivers treats to her clients when they are not able to meet her at her meeting spot.
“I live in Juniata and so there is a spot close to my house, near Aldi grocery store, so anyone who wants to meet me to pick up the limbers can meet me there, I usually communicate with them through Instagram,” Sosa said.
Her two new summer flavors include dulce de leche and strawberry lemonade. However, she does have 30 other flavors of limbers to choose from.
“The dulce de leche came out of nowhere, I was having a conversation, customers like the caramel flavors from Starbucks and I wanted to make something with caramel and that’s how dulce de leche came out,” she said.
The strawberry lemonade limber also has a tetitas version, also called, “lit limbers,” a cool treat made with rum.
She also sells cheesecake cones, waffle bowls, and a traditional Puerto Rican spiked eggnog, coquito.
Sosa said that she also wants to add another Puerto Rican treat called frappes, a milkshake that is very popular on the island.
It usually consists of pieces of cake, flan, cookies and whipped cream on top.
“I want to make sure that the recipes are good,” said Sosa. “I go through a whole process before I sell them. I want people to try it out and tell me what they think and then I put it on the menu.”
Sosa is hoping to expand her business by opening a storefront in the future.
“I work in the education field too, I want it to be a learning experience for my kids,” said Sosa. “You can start with something and it can be as big as you want it to be as long as you work hard for it.”
Check out Simply Antojito’s Instagram and try some of their creative treats!
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