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As Hispanic Heritage Month continues now through Oct. 15, it’s the perfect time to check out the sheer quantity of Hispanic restaurants, food carts, stores and bakeries across Salem.
Here is a list of some businesses grouped by location and type.
Fruteria La Cabaña: fruit market with large section of dried herbs and spices, dried goods, non-perishables and fresh food. Address:3390 Portland Road NE.
Casa Mexico: small shop with limited selection of produce, drinks and home goods. Address: 3400 Portland Road NE.
La Bonita Bakery: Mexican bakery also offering cake service. Address: 3545 Portland Road NE.
Taqueria El Campanario: Bright yellow Mexican food truck open late night. Address: 2135 Fairgrounds Road NE.
El Valle Oaxaqueño: Oaxacan restaurant with small section of spices, refrigerated foods and home goods. Address: 440 Pine St. NE.
Paloma’s Taqueria: Mexican food cart open late night with hefty portions. Address: 3297 Portland Road NE.
Don Froylan Creamery: Mexican creamery producing queso with deli and other foods. Address: 3310 Portland Road NE.
Don Bigote: Dessert food truck serving classics like micheladas and fresh churros. Address: 3260 Portland Road NE.
Birrieria la Capital: Birrieria-centered food cart. Address: 3260 Portland Road NE.
Taqueria Express #1: Bright Mexican food truck with expansive menu. Address: 3400 Portland Road NE.
El Tacazo: Food cart with outdoor seating. Address: 1495 Pine St. NE.
El Grullense: Unassuming drive-thru Mexican restaurant. Address: 3081 Portland Road NE.
El Ranchito Taqueria: Mexican food cart with snacks selection. Address: 3639 Portland Road NE.
Taqueria El Rinconcito De Los Flores: Homey Mexican restaurant with colorful interior. Address: 3360 Silverton Road NE.
Victorico’s Mexican Food: Quick casual Mexican restaurant with drive-thru. Address: 3994 Portland Road NE.
Lonchera La Guadalupana: Brightly colored food truck with large menu. Address: 4110 Portland Road NE.
El Ranchero Market: Combination grocery store, carniceria (butcher shop), bakery and restaurant. Address: 2615 Lancaster Drive NE.
La Tapatia Supermarket: Supermarket with meat market and bakery, also has a jewelry and watch business inside. Address: 2235 Lancaster Drive NE.
El Torito Meat Market: Butcher shop with small selection of groceries, produce, beer and restaurant; sister location of El Torito Supermarket. Address: 2158 Lancaster Drive NE.
Mercado San Francisco Carniceria y Tortilleria: Small grocery store with limited selection of produce, cheese, meats and restaurant. Address: 1584 Lancaster Drive NE.
El Torito Supermarket: Sister supermarket location to El Torito Meat Market; has larger bakery, meat and home goods selection. Address: 628 Lancaster Dr. NE.
Miranda Bros Bakery: Mexican bakery specializing in bread and custom cake service. Address: 3260 Lancaster Drive NE.
El Toro Taqueria & Panaderia: Taqueria and panaderia (Mexican bakery) combined. Address: 2138 Lancaster Drive NE.
Nava & Daisy’s Mexican Bakery: Mexican bakery with small section of party favors. Address: 1648 Clay St. NE.
Taqueria El Palacio: Mexican food truck that occasionally moves. Address: 3505 Lancaster Drive NE.
La Carreta De Mi Tierra Taqueria: Unassuming Mexican food truck. Address: 3728 Silverton Road NE.
El Taco Melon: Outdoor Mexican grill open late on weekend nights. 3375 Harold Drive NE.
Los Dos Amigos Hacienda: Family Mexican restaurant with rustic interior. Address: 3140 Lancaster Drive NE.
Nachos Locos Mexican Food: Simple Mexican eatery in casual setting. Address: 3815 Devonshire Ave. NE.
Maria Sabor Casero: Mexican food truck serving Mexico City specialty machetes. Address: 4601 Silverton Road NE.
Mariscos Las Islas Marias De Salem: Family Mexican restaurant. Address: 1224, 2295 Lancaster Drive NE
Abierto’s: 24 hour restaurant serving Mexican classics. Address: 3855 Market St. NE.
Casa Báez: Longtime family Mexican restaurant serving classic dishes. Address: 1292 Lancaster Drive NE.
Garibaldi Mexican Restaurant & Cantina: Colorful family Mexican restaurant. Address: 1151 Lancaster Drive NE.
Paco’s: Mexican restaurant with juices and other specialty drinks. Address: 1122 Lancaster Drive NE.
La Fondita 2: Mexican restaurant with large menu. Address: 3330 Center St. NE.
JJ’s Mexican Food: Unassuming Mexican restaurant. Address: 3862 Center St. NE.
Kike’s Taqueria: Mexican taqueria with wide variety of protein. Address: 617 Lancaster Drive NE.
Your Taco Express: Unassuming Mexican restaurant. Address: 2809 Market St. NE.
Emilio’s Bakery: Mexican bakery offering baked goods, custom cakes and limited selection of baking products. Address: 3905 State St.
Habaneros Mexican Food: Low-key casual Mexican restaurant. Address: 1980 State St.
Tacos La Guerita: Unassuming Mexican food truck. Address: 2470 State St.
Taqueria El Jacalito: Oaxacan restaurant with breakfast menu. Address: 990 12th St. SE.
Rancho Miramar: Homey Mexican and American restaurant with colorful interior. Address: 1555 12th St. SE.
Monarca Mexican Grill: Standard Mexican fare in casual setting. Address: 2420 13th St. SE.
Elote Veloz: Elote (Mexican corn) stand. Address: 2974 12th St. SE.
La Hacienda Real: Family Mexican restaurant with full bar in colorful, rustic interior. Address: 3690 Commercial St. SE.
Los Arcos Mexican Grill: Longtime family Mexican restaurant. Address: 4120 Commercial St. SE.
Cozumel Family Mexican Restaurant: Family Mexican restaurant with colorful and rustic interior. Address: 4405 Liberty Road S.
Tacos Del Sur: Unassuming casual Mexican restaurant. Address: 4683 Commercial St. SE.
Habaneros Mexican Food – Commercial: Fast casual family Mexican restaurant. Address: 4940 Commercial St. SE.
Dalias Taqueria: Mexican food truck in Beehive food cart pod. Address: 5669 Commercial St. SE.
Chula Vista Market: Half snack shop, half restaurant. Address: 135 Lancaster Drive NE.
Arrezola Produce: Produce shop with limited dry goods section. Address: 3882 State St.
Carniceria Los Compadres: Butcher shop with limited produce and bakery section. Address: 160 Lancaster Drive SE.
Taqueria Los Panditas: Humble taqueria serving the classics with small snacks section. Address: 3892 State St.
Chula Vista Mexican Restaurant: Rustic family Mexican restaurant. Address: 3935 State St.
Lonchera La Rosa: Bright red Mexican restaurant stand. Address: 590 Lancaster Drive SE.
Las Palomas: Casual Mexican restaurant with specialty housemade sangria and other drinks. Address: 1126 Lancaster Drive SE.
Yolanda’s Tamales: Food cart serving tamales, pozole and more. Address: 4106 State St.
Paco’s Mexican Food: Food cart sister of brick and mortar Paco’s. Address: 4106 State St.
Birrieria la Capital: Second location of food cart with same name on Portland Road. Address: 4106 State St.
Los Toreros: Family-run Mexican restaurant close to heart of downtown. Address: 479 Court St. NE.
La Margarita Express: Mexican restaurant with outdoor seating. Address: 515 Chemeketa St. NE.
La Margarita Rest and Grill: Mexican restaurant with colorful interior and full bar. Address: 545 Ferry St. SE.
Las Gorditas Ricas: Colorful and casual Mexican restaurant. Address: 324 Church St. NE.
La Vida Catrina: Chic Mexican restaurant with full bar. Address: 1391 Broadway St. NE.
Tony’s Taco Shop: Mexican restaurant with drive-thru open late. Address: 1412 Capitol St. NE.
Juniors Taqueria: Unassuming Mexican restaurant. Address: 1705 Winter St. NE.
Los 3 Plebes Taqueria: Unassuming taqueria food truck outside hookah lounge. Address: 1930 State St.
Cachet Tamales Shop: Unassuming kiosk selling tamales and small range of other fresh food. Address: 525 Glen Creek Road NW.
La Hacienda Real: Mexican restaurant. Address: 475 Taggart Drive.
Victorico’s Mexican Food: Mexican restaurant with drive-thru window. Address: 710 Wallace Road NW.
Xicha Brewing Co.: Oregon’s only Latinx-owned brewery with restaurant. Address: 576 Patterson St. NW Suite 140.
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