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Dark, light, sour, hoppy— the list goes on and on when it comes to beer. It's no shock to hear that Americans LOVE their beer. So as we celebrate National Beer Lover's Day, I want you to take a seat, relax, and crack a cold one as we discuss this important day.
Beer is celebrated in so many different settings. Whether it was a long week at work, a friend's birthday party, a holiday shindig, or maybe you are just throwing a couple back and enjoying the good life.
I have lots of friends that drink the NA (non-alcoholic) beer and I did sober January one time. Mind you, after seeing a bunch of people act like idiots, I don't really speak to them anymore. So for those of you that don't drink, I totally understand and kudos to you!
Montana has over 100 craft breweries, so when it comes to finding a good brew, you definitely have options.
Did you know that it is Montana law that some breweries are to provide no more than 48 ounces of beer per day per customer? I didn't realize this, but I guess I typically get a flight when I am at a brewery. I have the opportunity to try more of their homemade delicious creations doing it that way.
If you are just winding down from your long day of dealing with the kids, the hubby, the annoying neighbors, or just enjoying a quiet evening to yourself, today is your day. Happy National Beer Lovers Day! Cheers my friends!


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