Gun violence across Philadelphia leaves 2 dead, 4 injured injured – WPVI-TV

With more than 1,500 people shot in the city so far this year, neighbors feel the violence is out of control.
2 dead, 4 injured by gunfire during a violent night across Philadelphia
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — A violent night in Philadelphia has left two people dead and four more shot, according to police. The shootings spanned neighborhoods across the city, and the violence has left neighbors on edge.
"I keep my head on a swivel," said Steven Leonard, who lives in Tacony near where a father and son were shot overnight.
Leonard says he wasn't surprised to learn there was a shooting down the block from his house. He says living with gun violence is an everyday reality in Philadelphia.
"I think about it when I get in my car and I'm sitting in there getting ready. Is somebody going to come and shoot me? Hijack my car or something like that? Yeah, I do worry about that kind of stuff," he said.
Police say the 44-year-old father and his 16-year-old son were shot on the 7200 block of Glenloch Street around 4 a.m. The father was shot twice in the back and his son was shot in the elbow and thigh. Police say the circumstances surrounding the shooting are under investigation.
"Scared because we've been here 15 years. We've lived here 15 years now. When we moved here, it wasn't like that," said Mamie Fofana, from Tacony.
Around 3 a.m. in North Philadelphia, police say a 34-year-old man was shot and killed inside of a vehicle on West Berks Street between 27th Street and Norris Drive.
At 12:30 a.m. in Southwest Philadelphia, police say an unidentified male victim in his 30s or 40s was shot in the head near Bellford Street and Elmwood Avenue. Police say the victim died from his injuries.
"We don't know how this male is connected to the address or any persons in the address, the investigation is in its infancy at this point in time," said Captain Anthony Ginaldi.
Finally, around midnight, police say two people were shot in Frankford at Walker streets and East Cheltenham Avenue. Police say two men got into a fight and one was shot in the chest. A woman was also grazed by a bullet.
With more than 1,500 people shot in the city so far this year, neighbors feel the violence is out of control.
"I mean it was always violent as far as like fighting, but not like this. Not with just random shootings, kids that aren't taught how to use properly," said John Meyer from Tacony.
In the Tacony shooting, police say both the father and son were taken to the hospital. Their conditions are unknown at this time.
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