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HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Food Patrol headed to Hidalgo County for a double heaping of “¡que asco!”
Hidalgo County health reports from June 9, 2022, show Antojitos Mexicanos Mary located at 4815 N Veterans Blvd in San Juan had 13-point violations.
The report shows the establishment was not in compliance with knowledge of how to perform duties as a Certified Food Manager and did not know how to handle food.
Other violations were not having thermometers, a food establishment permit, adequate handwashing facilities, clean surfaces for food, and the need to fix the kitchen area floor.
The owner, Guillermina Byne was present when the Food Patrol made an unannounced visit. She explained the floor had been repaired but the restaurant was far from ready for customers.
The pandemic had shuttered the business. Byne is selling produce and Mexican attire outside.
The inside of the establishment was littered with old produce and Byne didn’t seem to mind a dog inside.
The Hidalgo County Health Department report did note “Ok to renew permit” and “has 30 days to comply with corrections of violations” Food 4 Thought visited on Sept. 8.
A complaint filed with the McAllen Health Department lead Kato Sushi at 3701 W. Expressway 83 to be issued a citation for a “gross and unsanitary” grease trap outside. The goopy grease leaking on the ground is a health violation. According to OSHA, grease traps can be hazardous if poorly maintained.
Kato Sushi owner, Silvia Maria Munoz was issued the violation on Sept. 2. To correct the violation she ended services with a previous collection company and began working with Fatty Chem. The area was cleaned and a new grease container was installed. Munoz was not fined.
This week’s Top Performer is The Munchie Stop on 3431 N FM 492 in Mission, TX. If you’re looking for some spicy drinks and sweat treats, owner Andrea Mascorro has you covered.
The Munchie Stop owner was awarded a Top Performer sticker on June 13, 2022.
“I feel like I wanna cry. I’m a little crybaby. I’m super overwhelmed with emotion right now,” Mascorro said.
Tears of joy and hard work pay off with the Food Patrol.
You’re part of the Food Patrol! When you see dirty habits, please send us photos/videos and a copy of the complaint you filed to your local health department to News@KVEO.COM
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