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CHARLOTTE, NC — Seven area restaurants saw their health ratings drop down to a “B” after recent health inspections found a laundry list of infractions, from employees not washing their hands to flies and roaches in the kitchen.
Do you truly know how clean your favorite coffee shop or restaurant is? Find out with the most recent restaurant and food service inspections in Charlotte, Huntersville, Davidson, and elsewhere in Mecklenburg County, performed by the Mecklenburg County Health Department.
Some of the lowest health inspection ratings for recently inspected Charlotte-area restaurants were given to the following restaurants, which saw their ratings drop to a “B:”
At Lazeez Mediterranean Grill, an inspection found flies around the buffet and in the kitchen, a dirty slicer, a dishwasher wasn’t properly sanitizing with hot water, no soap at the handwashing sink and raw meats stored over ready-to-eat food.
At Clove Indian Cuisine, an inspection found 14 health code violations after finding a bag of garden soil stored in the handwashing sink, food without coverings, and food debris built-up on numerous kitchen items including knives stored as clean.
A roach crawled up the wall during the inspection at Sangam Indian Cuisine which netted 11 violations that included observing soot on the kitchen ceiling, food on the floor and debris underneath and behind kitchen equipment.
Two roaches were seen at the Citgo Food Mart, which racked up 9 violations for the insects as well as infractions like storing raw pork chops stored above cooked chicken and needing to clean under storage shelves.
An inspection of The Cheesecake Factory’s kitchen turned up 17 violations after an inspector found an employee’s cell phone and drink sitting on a food prep surface, employees not washing hands between handling raw and ready-to-eat foods, and numerous items, like pans and soda nozzles, with food debris.
At Thai Taste, where 12 violations were noted, employees were seen coming into the kitchen from outside and begin prepping food without washing their hands.
There were 17 violations at Original NY Bagels in Huntersville after an inspection turned up “multiple dead cockroaches underneath equipment,” an employee’s uncovered drink stored on a food prep surface, an employee washing dishes and returning to food preparation without washing their hands or changing their gloves and raw bacon touching ready-to-eat deli meats.
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Results from the Mecklenburg County Health Department inspections done June 6 — June 12, 2018 are listed below. You may look up your favorite restaurant or find more detailed information about this latest batch of inspections here.

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