Ex-Suns Forward Matt Barnes Sounds off on NBA Official Tony Brothers' Suspension – Sports Illustrated

Former Phoenix Suns forward Matt Barnes has some things to say. 
Earlier this week, it was reported by Marc Stein that veteran official Tony Brothers was suspended for his comments toward Dallas Mavericks guard Spencer Dinwiddie.  
On Nov. 4th, Dinwiddie shared with the media that a simple clap caused Brothers to issue a technical foul after beating the Raptors. 
He also acknowledged that he may have used a curse word but that it was not directed at anyone. He then said that a teammate told him that Brothers called him a "b***-a** mother f****er."
"Not only would I like my money back. But I would like to not be called a b—- ass mother—— to my teammates," Dinwiddie said. "If there's anybody who feels that way about me — not naming any names — they can address me personally, face to face."
Dinwiddie repeated that he was upset that Brothers made his remarks behind his back. 
"I understand it's the heat of the moment. I've definitely said swear words," Dinwiddie continued. "But like if I was playing against somebody on the other team and they said that to my teammate, I would be like listen, 'Hey, listen I'm right here.
"But because obviously they're in positions of authority and whatnot, you can't necessarily ask for that address, so I'm just taking my fair stance and saying, 'Hey, look, if you feel that way, fine by me. Just say it to my face, like any other grown man.' That's all I want."
Earlier this week Barnes (who played in Phoenix for one season) wanted to know why Brothers' suspension wasn't front page news. Barnes also shared that when a player gets fined or suspended it covered on every outlet. 
"Why does this not make headlines?? Anytime a player is suspended for find its headlines. But here an NBA ref was suspended for a game, for calling a player a b—- ass mother—— and its crickets.
"As a former player & a fan of our game we need MORE TRANSPARENCY for referees.. They’re such a crucial part of the game but they’re protected more than the actual Players… How??
-Their grades need to be public knowledge
-They should be interviewed after games
-They should be fined & suspended for blowing games, there needs to be accountability on their part!! 
"For some reason they always slip through the cracks & its bull***."
"It's believed no discipline was formally announced because it was not a suspension without pay," said Stein


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