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Few sectors within the fast-food industry have seen the kind of growth and development over the last several years as the world of fried chicken. Specifically the chicken sandwich. Chicken sandwich wards have crept up and sprouted rivalries between individual burger chains, each of which touts their particular chicken sandwiches as the best, the crunchiest, or the spiciest. However, other restaurants are now specifically focusing on just fried chicken, and one of the fastest-growing chains is now looking to rapidly expand throughout metro Phoenix. 
Daddy’s Chicken Shack is one of the new kids on the block, having been around for just four years. However, despite its short life to date, it has made impressive inroads, as not only did it recently sign a deal to open 20 units in California, but it also inked 10-unit deals for other regions, including metro Phoenix. This means for anyone who is a chicken sandwich lover, there are about to be 10 new locations to stop by throughout the Valley in the coming years. 
Daddy’s Chicken Shack focuses on southern-style fried chicken with, as the brand puts it, an added California flair. This has allowed the brand to offer both traditional fried chicken sandwiches as well as several unique offerings as well. 
When visiting one of the new Daddy’s Chicken Shack locations, the Big Daddy Sandwich is the staple menu item, featuring a fried chicken breast, Napa slaw, sriracha mayo, and delivered in a soft brioche bun. And to ensure all of the chicken is tender and juicy, the meat is brined overnight in a buttermilk and herbs marinade and then double-dredged for the ultimate crispy chicken tasting experience. 
It wouldn’t be a chicken sandwich joint without a spicy option, and the Nashville Daddy Sandwich delivers. It features classic Nashville spices, sweet creamy slaw, house-made remoulade sauce, and house-made pickles, to ensure a crispy, tangy bite on top of the spicy chicken. And for those who want to go full southern-style with their fried chicken sandwich, Daddy’s Chicken Shack offers its Waffle Daddy Sandwich, which sandwiches the fried chicken between funnel-cake style waffles and topped off with maple syrup. Side orders include Nashville chicken fingers, regular French fries, salty paprika sweet potato fries, popcorn chicken, and Daddy’s Loaded Fries. There’s even a breakfast menu that includes the Daddy’s Rosemary Biscuit Sliders.
There are no exact location announcements just yet, but the 10-unit franchise agreement does require speedy movement on the launch of new restaurants, so expect to begin seeing Daddy’s Chicken Shack locations pop up in the coming months. 

I'm here to help bring you the latest and greatest in beer, food, and everything else in between.
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