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Look, I realize we have a ton of places to eat in Lake Charles, but most of them are Mexican restaurants. I don't have a problem with them, they're delicious. I just feel like we need more of a variety sometimes. That's why I got a smidge excited to see this photo of a newspaper ad in the Lake Charles American Press.
We learned that Whataburger is not only coming to Sulphur, but also to Lake Charles yesterday. We knew about the Chicken Salad Chick and Freddy's. I had not heard about Crumbl Cookies. Actually, I take it back. A server at Luna mentioned she had waited on a group that was talking about the cookie store. That was about 2 months back, and I just figured it was all talk from the customer that she was serving.
Apparently, it was legit. Crumbl Cookie is indeed coming to the area according to this ad in the American Press. I have never had the pleasure of tasking a Crumbl Cookie, but from what I can tell on their Facebook Page, I will be going into debt trying all of their flavors.
The cookie bakery specializes in amazing and crazy flavors and features weekly flavors for you to choose from in the store. They even cater! The whole idea was to make the best cookie, ever. The first store was opened in 2017 by two cousins in Utah. The rotating weekly flavors keep them fresh and their customers always wanted to try more. The cookie place even began to get famous for its 4-pack pink box with social media blowing up over the box. The box alone is social media famous as a way to show off what is about to cause your sugar levels to get higher than Willy Nelson.
There is no word as to when the store will open, and I cannot find anything that says where the store will be located. I can assure you I will be staying on it to find out exactly where it is going to go!


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