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The body of a missing Flagstaff woman has been found, while authorities continue to search for her husband. The couple reportedly disappeared on Thanksgiving while spending the holiday kayaking in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, also known as Rocky Point, with their daughter.
A body was recovered three days later in the area where the couple went missing. Northern Arizona University confirmed the body is Yeon-Su Kim. She was the executive director of the School of Forestry and a professor at NAU.
Kim and her husband, Corey Allen, went missing at around 1 p.m. on Nov. 24, as winds reportedly grew stronger and Corey decided to take his daughter back to shore, said Lisa Aumack, the organizer of the GoFundMe set up to raise money for search efforts.
It's believed Corey went back to bring Yeon-Su to safety and never returned.
On Nov. 27, Protección Civil Sonora, said in a translated tweet, "After an intense search operation by air, sea and land, the Secretary of the Navy reports to Sonora Civil Protection, the discovery of a body on Playa Encanto, with characteristics similar to one of the two missing persons."
FOX 10 has reached out to first responder agencies, volunteers and loved ones for more information on the continued search for Allen.
Rocky Point, a popular beach destination for Arizonans, is about four hours from Phoenix and just under six hours from Flagstaff.
Shelly Thomas, a friend of the couple for 13 years, said she hoped her dear friends would make it back home safe.
"Corey and Yeon-Su are valuable members of the Flagstaff community. They are amazing friends and wonderful parents to two exceptional kids. We are praying that they are found alive and able to be brought back to their kids who love them and depend on them," she said.
The President of NAU has released the following statement:
"Yeon-Su was an invaluable faculty member in the School of Forestry and esteemed academic leader who joined NAU in September 1998 and has served as the school's executive director since July 2021. Her accomplishments and contributions to her academic discipline, our university's mission, and the broader community were may, and – in consultation with her family and friends – we will find the appropriate time and place to celebrate her legacy of a life well-lived.
In the meantime, let us al keep the hope alive that Corey will be found soon and brought home safely."

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