Beth Phoenix Recalls How She Felt When Edge Made His WWE Comeback – Wrestling Inc.

How did Beth Phoenix feel when her husband, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, made his shocking return to the ring at the 2020 Royal Rumble nine years after he retired due to suffering from cervical spinal stenosis?
“Before the Royal Rumble comeback, we had so many emotions,” Phoenix said on the “Busted Open” podcast. I was terrified, just terrified. … A couple of nights before we left to go to that event, you know, everything was super sneaky at that time, we had a chartered flight, like a druid. We watched ‘Rocky Balboa’. … We just bawled our eyes out because it’s resonated with us so much.”
Last week on “Raw”, Edge wrestled in his hometown of Toronto for the first time since 2011, defeating The Judgment Day’s Damian Priest.  
“This is like, national Adam Copeland [Edge] week,” Phoenix said of her husband’s homecoming. “It was super exciting to be there to watch Adam, and I’m actually there for all of Adam’s matches, just not typically on camera. I typically sit in the front row, kind of hidden.
Phoenix, herself a WWE Hall of Famer, added: “When I get to do stuff, it’s amazing. … It’s nothing compared to being able to see the ones you love succeed. I’m so proud and just so happy to see him get to write his final chapter. It’s hard as a performer to get that ripped away from you. … He’s kicking a**, like, I don’t know how he’s doing it.”
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