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When it comes to sports media, the first brands that pop into the minds of most sports fans likely include ESPN and Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, and more recently The Athletic. While these are all major hitters in the world of sports, these are all more traditional outlets, focusing on either television or print for their outreach methods. And yet, one of the most influential sports brands is not a television channel or a magazine. In fact, one of the largest sports brands in the United States is best known for trolling opposing fan bases, and pizza reviews, and is now opening its very own sports bar right in the heart of metro Phoenix. 
Barstool Sports is an incredibly popular sports website that has mastered the art of social media marketing. Most major college and professional sports teams in the United States now have their own Barstool Sports Twitter feed, and the parent website has several incredibly popular podcasts and video services. In fact, Barstool Sports was the marketing team behind what was supposed to be last year’s Arizona Bowl (hosted in Tucson), and the game was going to be broadcast right on the Barstool Sports website until the bowl was canceled last minute by teams bowing out of the game due to COVID. 
The brand is also famous for its pizza reviews, which owner David Portnoy conducts. He is known for being especially brutal in his reviews, which can be aggravating for pizza restaurant owners, and yet when a location is given a high score, it almost certainly ensures the restaurant offers quality pizza. And now, the sports brand itself is opening a restaurant in Old Town, Scottsdale. 
This will be the third Barstool Sports restaurant to open in the country. The brand opened its first in Chicago in January of this year, and then two months later a second location sprung up in Philadelphia. Thanks to both the Phoenix professional teams as well as Arizona State University, the Old Town, Scottsdale location ensures it has a strong fan base right out of the gate. Plus, as the brand will continue sponsoring the Arizona Bowl, it will have an immediate footprint within the state thanks to the new restaurant. 
There is no exact opening date yet planned for the Barstool Sports restaurant, which will be known as Barstool Scottsdale, but it is moving into the former Two Brothers Brewing & Taphouse, which is an 8,700 square foot space. This is welcome news to Old Town, Scottsdale, as the large area has sat vacant since 2019. 

I'm here to help bring you the latest and greatest in beer, food, and everything else in between.
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A new pizzeria has opened where a previous pizza restaurant had failed.Photo byBrenna Huff/UnsplashonUnsplash. It isn’t uncommon for one restaurant to replace another restaurant when it goes out of business. The space is already set up to accommodate guests, it has a kitchen, and all the other appliances and devices needed to run the business. It’s a faster setup and allows the new owner to get everything up and running sooner, which means they are paying less in rent for months they are not actively bringing money in. However, one thing that isn’t as common is the same style of restaurant replacing the one that failed. And yet, in this case, a new pizza restaurant is replacing an old pizza restaurant in downtown Phoenix.
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A popular Texas restaurant is opening in Scottsdale.Photo byTim Toomey/UnsplashonUnsplash. When restaurants from out of state make the move to Arizona, it’s typically in the form of a pizza joint, or a taco restaurant because both are easily set up and instantly have a built-in following. Of course, there are times when unique restaurants make the trek to Arizona while bringing with them a unique menu and eating experience. Restaurant owners that see the growth taking place throughout metro Phoenix recognize the potential and the expanding client base. That is exactly why a popular Houston restaurant has decided to cross out of the Lone Star State and set up roots right in the heart of the Copper State.
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A popular burger and beer restaurant has closed.Photo byEdward Franklin/UnsplashonUnsplash. There is now one fewer destinations to go to for a cool, refreshing beer in metro Phoenix. A popular restaurant and beer chain that sprung out of Tampa, Florida, and opened up in Mesa eight years ago has closed its doors for good. However, it doesn’t mark the end of the brand’s presence in the Valley.
Grab yourself a slice of Italian pizza.Photo byAurélien Lemasson-Théobald/UnsplashonUnsplash. Fast-casual restaurants have been growing in popularity for years now. The combination of eat-in dining rooms combined with quickly obtained food blended together has been one of the few bright spots in an industry plagued with all kinds of problems. From wage issues with employees, all the way to the rising cost of food, not to mention the mandated shutdown throughout the country due to the pandemic, very little has gone right for the food and hospitality industry of late. Fast-casual though continues to grow and spread its pizza and salad-shaped wings. That is especially true with one particular chain, which recently announced it would be opening its second Arizona location in the coming weeks.
A popular toasted sandwich shop is returning to Tucson.Photo byEaters Collective/UnsplashonUnsplash. For lovers of a good sandwich, one of the nation’s most popular sandwich chains is about to expand here in greater Tucson. In fact, the entire state is going to see more, beginning next year, thanks to a new restaurant deal signed by a local franchise owner.
A local seafood restaurant chain has opened another location.Photo bySunira Moses/Unsplash. Whether it is a low country boil, a steaming plate of crab legs, or just a mound of shrimp, topped off with corn and potatoes, sometimes there’s nothing better than diving into a plate of seafood with your fingers, the perfect seasoning mixed with butter dripping down your hands. It makes you feel like a kid again. The ability to ditch the silverware and instead pick up goodies with your fingers. However, unlike your childhood, there are no adults standing around to scold you for doing so (although your significant other might not be a big fan of it). So, if you’re a lover of seafood and the fun eating with your hands brings, you’re going to love the newest addition to a popular seafood and crab joint in metro Phoenix.
A family owned restaurant is closing for good.Photo byLisa Luminaire/UnsplashonUnsplash. Opening a business and going at it alone is a difficult, and terrifying, ordeal. Locally owned small businesses are often the backbone of so many communities around the country, despite all the stacked-up odds against success. Despite this, there is no denying the desire to follow someone’s dream and to test merits. One local husband and wife-run restaurant, located in the heart of midtown Phoenix, decided to roll the dice and open their own restaurant a decade ago. Through ups and downs, the restaurant thrived, connected with locals, and carved a niche for itself. However, despite the extended success, the restaurant will serve its final meal and close down for good this coming Wednesday, November 23.
A local restaurant didn't perform well on its health inspection.Portuguese Gravity/Unsplash. Even the highest-rated and reviewed restaurants can falter when it comes to their health inspection. Locations can look pristine and picture-perfect, and yet be hit with violation after violation. All of that is true with one particular Tucson restaurant, which has exceptional ratings across the board, including a perfect 5 on Yelp and 4.9 on Google. Even the best user reviews are not able to save a restaurant from less-than-desirable results when the health inspector stops by.
Grab yourself a slice of delicious pizza.Hannah Koury/Provided By Artichoke Basille's Pizza. There’s never a bad time for pizza. Whether celebrating a big youth league victory or nursing wounds after a softball beer league loss, nothing ties off any day like a delicious slice of pizza. The idea of breaking bread has been around for centuries, but, in reality, pizza brings more people together than anything else. Of course, if you want to take it to the next level, you can wash it down with your favorite beverage of choice. Here in metro Phoenix, you have access to several quality pizza chains and independent joints. And now, you’ll have one more option to choose from.
Order an Italian meal right from a drive-through window.amirali mirhashemian/Unsplash. To run a successful business it’s necessary to feel out the room and evolve the services offered to better tailor fit both the customers and management. While there is often a need to stick with an initial concept, as it can take time to catch on, the ability to spot a problem and make a course correction before it’s too late is a critical skill not enough business owners obtain. This is true for most industries, including the restaurant industry. One local restaurant owner, who had dabbled in a new concept just two years ago, has decided to evolve the concept into something that he’s not only more familiar with, but his patrons are more familiar with as well.
Grab yourself a few slider burgers.Niklas Rhöse/Upslash. There are all kinds of fast-food chains out there. While there is a handful that has made it nationally, a good number of popular restaurant chains remain regional, focusing on one specific area of the country. It is these regional chains that often receive the most attention. They are the restaurants that are missed when people move. They are the burgers and fries snowbirds crave or families from the southeast desire when traveling out west. It is this craving that helps craft an almost cult-like following for some restaurant brands. One particular burger chain, which has become part of American pop culture years ago, not to mention its inclusion in multiple comedic films, is now opening a new location in the heart of metro Phoenix.
Grab yourself a slice of pizza at a new restaurant.amirali mirhashemian/Unsplash. There are plenty of pizza options out there in metro Phoenix, which is great if you’re a pizza lover and want variety. However, most of these pizza joints come from out of state, or they are chains. The majority of pizza chain restaurants come from Texas or, surprisingly, Michigan, while even the independently-owned pizza restaurants hail from California, Illinois, and even Utah. So if you’re someone who wants to find a true local pizza, that is made by locals who have called Arizona home for years, you’re in luck, as a new pizza shop has just opened up and is ready to hand prepare you your next pizza pie.
A local favorite restaurant is set to close.Tim Mossholder/Unsplash. All good things must come to an end. Sadly, this also means a good restaurant. Every once in a while there is a diamond in the rough that manages to discover the fountain of restaurant youth and survive forever, but more often than not, even the joints that are most loved will fall on hard times and, eventually, be forced to close. The industry is volatile like that. All it takes is one bad year, or even a bad quarter, to tank a prominent establishment. Sadly, a local restaurant that has called metro Phoenix home for over a decade, is closing up shop for good.
A Mexican restaurant has now closed.Tim Mossholder/Unsplash. Summertime is normally the busiest time for restaurants. With school out and individuals spending more time outside of the house restaurants often see an uptick in business. And as we move from summer into autumn and, eventually, into winter, business for restaurants throughout the Valley (outside of those that cater to college students) will begin to slow some. This also means there is generally an increase in restaurant closures during the colder months of the year as well. There have already been a slew of restaurants that have announced their closure throughout metro Phoenix, and now, another eatery is adding its name to the growing list.
A restaurant has closed in less than one month.Tim Mossholder/Unsplash. Nobody has ever said opening a restaurant would be easy. In fact, while restaurants are some of the most prevalent small businesses around, they are also the fastest to fold. According to Menu Cover, 44 percent of restaurants fail within the first year, while another 33 percent fail in year two, and 23 percent of restaurants fail in year three. When it is all said and done, the average restaurant’s lifespan is somewhere between 8 and 10 years (which means there are some restaurants built to last that are dragging the average higher to make up for the other failed businesses). Those trends are true just about everywhere in the United States, including metro Phoenix. However, one particular restaurant didn’t just fail in its first year. It failed in its first month.


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