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Summer is drawing to a close, but the mission of AZ OnTrack Summer Camp is far from over. Parents have another opportunity to catch their kids up in math, reading and American civics with the AZ OnTrack Parent Guide launched in partnership by the Governor’s Office and the Arizona Science Center. Packed with educational resources, games, activities and more, the guide further prepares students for the school year in engaging ways. 
“This summer has been huge for our kids of all different backgrounds,” said Lisa Graham Keegan, AZ OnTrack Summer Camp chairperson. “They’ve been with their friends, with their teachers learning and having fun. Now parents can take this productive learning environment home with them. The AZ OnTrack Parent Guide is a great resource for parents and their kids to enjoy learning together and it will lead to even better outcomes. We’re grateful to partner with the Arizona Science Center on this, which will give our kids added benefit.”
“Catching up” will not happen in one summer camp or even one year of school. That’s why the AZ OnTrack Parent Resource Guide can be helpful for families as they head into the fall semester to engage kids in genuine learning experiences again. When kids are having fun, it sets up a great foundation for learning. 
“Arizona families have had a trying last few years. We are thrilled to be able to partner with  Governor Ducey’s team to provide additional support to children and families through AZ OnTrack,” said Guy Labine, the Hazel A. Hare President and CEO of the Arizona Science Center. “Through this joint effort, we will be able to impact more kids and families in more communities and help make sure this year is as successful as it can be.”
The guide offers opportunities for families to engage in robust learning activities together – which is proven to lead to greater academic results. From creating a nature journal to excavating chocolate chip “fossils” from cookies, parents, caregivers and other caring adults will find unique ways to get students ready to learn and engage at school.
There is also an opportunity for families to further expand students’ education through the Arizona Science Center’s STEM and academic facilities.
Families who complete the “On Track, Ready to be Back Scavenger Hunt” at the end of the guide, may qualify for a membership to the Arizona Science Center on a first-come-first-serve basis. Those that download the guide may qualify for tickets to the Science Center. 
The guide is available in English, Spanish and Diné, and contains resources for every Arizona kid to reconnect with their love of learning.
With more than 800 camp experiences across the state, AZ OnTrack has been getting kids ready and excited for the fall semester.
Although Arizona prioritized keeping classrooms open during the pandemic, valuable learning and social growth opportunities were undoubtedly disrupted. AZ OnTrack offered students a fun atmosphere to be with their peers, in person, and catch up on their studies.
While attending OnTrack Summer Camp at the Dysart Community Center, campers celebrated Dinosaur Day, part of their daily STEM activities. Kids were able to dig for fossils and learn about the different types of dinosaurs.
Reading and English language arts (ELA) skills were paired with music at the Phoenix Boys Choir “Music is My Superpower” camp. While getting into the rhythm of brainstorming and writing poems, campers also learned melodies and played drums.
There’s a reason AZ OnTrack is called summer camp and not school. For many students, summer school may be free but it is generally for credit recovery or for the ability to move to the next grade. Many public schools offer adventure-style camps, but they often charge for those experiences out of necessity. OnTrack brings together the best of both worlds – math, reading, and a little stampeding – all at no cost to Arizona families.
Download the AZ OnTrack Parent Resource Guide HERE.


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