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The Senate and gubernatorial races in Arizona are appearing to tighten just a week ahead of this month’s midterm elections, according to a new Fox News poll. 
The poll, released Tuesday, puts Sen. Mark Kelly (D) ahead of Republican Blake Masters by 2 points, with 47 percent of Arizona voters saying they’ll back the Democrat incumbent and 45 percent saying they’ll cast their ballot for the challenger. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.  
A similar poll released last month had Kelly with a 6-point lead, with 46 percent to Masters’s 40 percent, indicating the race getting closer as the midterms approach.  
In September, 15 percent of Arizona voters said they were still undecided, would vote for another candidate or would not vote in the Senate race — but that share was down to 9 percent in the new poll. 
Nearly all Democrats, or 92 percent, said they’ll vote for their party’s nominee. But while the share of Democrats supporting Kelly has stayed the same across the last two polls, the share of Republicans supporting Masters has leaped from 76 percent last month to 85 percent in the new poll.  
In the state’s gubernatorial race, Trump-backed Republican Kari Lake is ahead of Democrat Katie Hobbs by just 1 point, leading 47 percent to 46 percent — well within the 3-point margin of error. 
The two candidates were just a point apart in last month’s poll, too, though the victor flipped — in September, Hobbs was ahead with 44 percent to Lake’s 43 percent.  
The share of voters who are still unsure, would vote for another candidate or will not vote is also on the decline in the governor’s race, dropping from 13 percent last month to just 7 percent this month.  
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Independents prefer the Democrats in both races, but a larger share of that demographic remains undecided than in other parties.  
The poll was conducted Oct. 26-30 under the joint direction of Beacon Research and Shaw & Company, and interviewed 1,003 Arizona voters.
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