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Hundreds of volunteers across the state have united for one cause: joining forces to support 233 Arizona schools throughout the month of October. 
School Connect’s Love Our Schools month-long season has gathered an entire state to partner up with schools to work on campus projects. Love Our Schools Day is a project-based volunteer opportunity where the community can roll up their sleeves at a local school and make a difference where it is needed most. Projects so far this month have included repainting different areas on campuses, re-installing gardens, painting motivational murals in hallways, cleaning up schools and classrooms.
Businesses, faith-based organizations, student chapters and families have all come together to help strengthen the community and make a direct impact through the work being done. Businesses like HomeDepot and DunnEdwards have sponsored projects this month.
“Love Our School Day provides the school staff the opportunity to collaborate with our community to demonstrate the importance of community service, which is one of the destinations in the Kids at Hope Philosophy. Students can learn how the gift of time and presence can positively impact everyone,” says Stacy Ellis, principal at a participating school, Copper Trails in Goodyear.
Since the beginning of the Love Our Schools initiative, hundreds of schools have included the event as a yearly tradition. This year, more than an estimated 120,000 students will be impacted by the initiative. 
School Connect works to champion children by connecting their schools to their community. The Arizona non-profit organization has been working since 2013 to help school  leaders build a village of support for the children in the community by connecting, training and coaching administrators to build strong, strategic partnerships that support local schools.
By helping schools build a network of community support, School Connect is able to see results of the support iin:
School Connect’s Love Our Schools events concludes this weekend at numerous schools across the state working to create an impact inside classrooms. 
For event coverage or media inquiries, please contact School Connect’s public relations team:
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